Free Fall

Overview: You play the part of a leaf who has awoken to find yourself falling through space. Avoid the asteroids as long as possible to earn the high score! This game was written as part of my 'Game In A Day' series, and is the result of setting out to design a game entirely from the inspiration of a single track of music. The song, "Comet Song" by 'Dethklok' was the inspiration for this game. For more information about this process, see here.

Features: Parallax scrolling, Simple 2-control interface, Immersive experience created by a unique game design process, Music, Persistent scoring

Technology: Python, PyGame (SDL wrapper)

Screenshot  Screenshot

Requirements: This game requires Python and PyGame. Users of all operating systems can find these libraries at the links I have provided. I recommend that Windows users use the Windows package I have provided below. I recommend that Linux users install these libraries from your package manager if possible.

Download: Game Only (all platforms)  Game + Libraries (Windows)

After downloading, extract the ZIP file and view README for instructions.